The state of Ohio is a great placefor hunting deer and turkey. It is estimated that Ohio has over 600,000 deer and over 200,000 turkeys. Whitetail deer in Ohio can get large weighing in at around 300 pounds. Ohio eastern wild turkeys can reach in excess of 20 pounds. Ohio offersseveral weeks ofspring turkey huntingand an evenlonger fall turkey hunting season. You have a choice of shotgun, bow or muzzleloader hunting for deer. The terrainvaries widely between the northern and southern parts of the state requiring different hunting strategies and providing different experiences hunting deer and turkey in Ohio. The northern part of the state is mostly flat farm land. Small patches of woods provide cover and the open grain fields provide ample food to produce large bodied animals. Much of the land is private requiring permission to hunt. The southern counties are partly hilly and rugged. Most of the public huntingland in Ohio is located in the southern and southeastern part of the state. Hardwood forest and open fields provide most of the food sources. Opportunities exist throughout the state to bag big trophy deer and turkeys.