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Archery Deer Season
The archery season in Ohio usually starts around the end of September or the first week of October and last through January of the next year. Longbows, compound bows and even crossbows have traditionally been allowed. Modern bows, high speed crossbows, sights, and range finders have improved bow hunting success tremendously. The modern 400 fps crossbows provides a flat trajectory which allows determining the distance to the target to be less critical.  Archery season is the most enjoyable time to be in the woods. The weather is at its best and the animals are more active, especially during October pre-rut and the November rut. Your chances of seeing that big buck are greater than any other time of the year. Below are some tips for hunting deer with a bow in Ohio.
Hunting Tips & Techniques
There are several effective hunting tips and techniques for bow hunting. Hunting feeding areas is a good strategy for early in the season. Deer love persimmons and white oak acorns. Look for tracks and pawed areas in the leaves near these food sources and wait for the deer to come to feed. Pre-rut in late October is when bucks are on the move a lot. They are beginning to seek out does but the does are not yet ready. That is when hunting trails using deer lures is most affective. You will begin to see rubs and scraps. Hunting the rut during early November, can also be a good time for bagging a big deer. Bucks are actively seeking out does and let their guard down. One of the best ways to locate areas frequently visited by bucks is to look for scraps, rubs and trails. Placing your stand or blind within bow range of a well used trail allows for a good bow shot should a buck come along. Looking for bedding and feeding areas can improve your odds of seeing does. Find the does and you will see the bucks. For a good bow shot, a deer needs to be within 30 yards. Getting that close to a deer can be challenging. Doe urine, deer calls and rattling will sometimes bring deer into shooting range. Keep in mind that a grunt call and rattling are to attract the dominate buck in the area and may scare away smaller bucks. Knowing the exact distance that a deer is from you is critical in bow hunting. You don't want to rely on your estimate, using a range finder is much better. Of course, you don't want to be using it while you are looking at the deer. You should have already determined the distances of trees or other objects that are within shooting range. It takes patience to bow hunt. Finding a good spot and waiting for deer to come to you is usually a better strategy than trying to slip up on them. They have very good hearing and are not likely to let you get within bow range. If you are using a blind, you should place it down wind from where you expect to see a deer. Smoking or eating some types of food can increase your chance of being detected by a deer since they avoid unfamiliar odors. A tree stand makes it less likely that a deer will detect you due to human odor or slight movements. Of course, wearing camouflage clothing is always a good idea to avoid being detected.
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