Fall Turkey Season
A few years ago, Ohio had a short season (approx. one week) for hunting turkeys with a shotgun and a longer period (approx. 7 weeks) for hunting them with a bow. The bag limit has been one turkey of either sex for the entire fall season. During the 2009 season, hunters were allowed to kill their one turkey limit with either a shotgun or a bow during the entire fall season which lasted until the day before deer gun season.  Below are some tips for hunting turkey in the fall in Ohio.
Hunting Tips & Strategies
Turkey hunting in the fall is quite different from hunting turkeys in the spring. For one thing, it is not breeding season so turkey calls are not of as much use. In the fall, turkeys separate into groups of hens and poults or groups of gobblers. If you see one hen, you are not likely to see a gobbler in the entire flock. Turkeys tend to stay down in the open fields eating bugs until a hard freeze. They will then migrate up into the hardwood forests for beech nuts, acorns, etc. You can determine when this has happened by locating turkey scratchings in the leaves.  The best way to hunt turkeys in the fall is to sit in a blind and wait for a flock to come by in front of you. If you know where they are roosting and where they are feeding, you can position yourself between the two areas. If you walk in too close to their roost, they will hear you and avoid you when they fly down.  Hunting is allowed all day long within designated hunting areas. Again, turkeys harvested must be checked-in by phone, a computer or at a checking station.
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