Gun Deer Season
The deer gun season has traditionally been the week after Thanksgiving in November starting on a Monday and continuing through Sunday.  Sunday hunting was made legal in Ohio a few years ago.  Hunting during the deer gun seasons is pretty much limited to shotguns with slugs, rifles with straight-walled cartridges , muzzleloaders, and bows. High powered rifles have not yet been allowed due partly to the vast amount of flat land in the state. However, this does not pose that much of a handicap with the rifled barrels for shotguns and sabot slugs available today. The gun hunt offers the greatest opportunity for harvesting a whitetail deer in Ohio. There are more hunters in the woods than at any other time. All that human activity, especially on public lands, tends to jump deer and keep them on the move. The deer may only offer you a running shot but at least you get some action.  Below are some tips for hunting deer with a gun in Ohio.
Hunting Tips & Strategies
Strategies for hunting deer with a shotgun during the gun season are not the same as those used while bow hunting earlier in the year.  The rut is generally over by then and the big bucks are more cautious.  If the hunting pressure is light, you may want to position yourself within shooting range of where two or more deer trails cross or a trail leading to a feeding area.  Often, a transition point between a woods and an open field is a good choice.  If possible, find a natural funnel formed by a small strip of trees, a high bank, a stream, a fence, etc.  It seems that the best time to see deer is mid-morning and late in the evening.  Take advantage of that fact and stay out there as late in the day as you can legally hunt.  If there is a lot of hunting pressure, you will need to find a spot where you can see but be somewhat hidden and wait for the deer to be pushed to you.  Should Mother Nature cooperate and there is a little snow on the ground, you will be able to see the deer better and determine which trails have fresh tracks.  Consider staying a little longer in the morning than you would normally since many hunters go back to camp for lunch.  Their movement may drive deer your way.  The most important thing is to have patience, be safe and enjoy the hunt.  Wearing hunter orange is required by regulation.
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