Scioto Land Co Public Hunting Area (formerly “Mead Properties”)
The Mead Paper Company once owned 140,000 acres of land in ten counties in southeastern Ohio. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had an agreement with Mead to allow public hunting on these lands. The land has since changed hands and the new owners are not as receptive to it being open for public hunting for free.  It is not clear if DNR still controls hunting on any of these tracks. This is ideal deer and turkey hunting land, if you can determine which tracks, if any, are still open to hunting. Hunting on Scioto Land can be a little exhausting.  Much of the land is hilly and rugged but good habitat for deer and turkey. However, you may need to keep an eye out for snakes while hunting in warm weather. I understand it contains bobcats and timber rattlesnakes.  Here is an article concerning the efforts by DNR to renew the public hunting rights.
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